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Your last sentence would be a good start on an article on great modeling mistakes I have made!
Jim Kehn#0100

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All, find attached my writeup in .pdf format. All the photo links in the article are “hot” so click away - they point to the largest version I have of each photo - in most cases, much larger than was on the original forum.  Any feedback in content (what needs more explanation, what needs to be removed) or presentation are welcome for some future, more curated version. Email me directly on that front (tomatotrack at or mgoodman312 at
A noted earlier, this document has a conversational tone, given it was written for a forum and I was in self-discovery mode most of the time. As a modeler I admire often states “model building is 80% damage control”. There’s a good deal of damage control in the write up. In fact, one of the very first steps I took was a mistake (well, the second; the first mistake was not reading the directions closely enough, which led to the second).
I did remove a whole section describing almost starting a decoder fire inside a sealed, wooden model…
Matt GoodmanColumbus, Ohio, US
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