Eric in Gainesville--AMB caboose modelling tips

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While I would also like it (Emmo213 at maybe we could either a) allow this attachment since we're on the modeling list anyway or b) have the write up added to an addition of The Arrow? There are rarely modeling articles anymore.

Also I remember finding the old original now missing posts by Matt Goodman so I'm glad they're still available someplace. Thanks for doing that, Matt!

Brian Dembinski
Amherst, Ohio

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Hello Eric,
I would also like a copy of your write up. I have two AMB kits waiting for me. Thank you.
Carl Miller
kjmcjm at
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I would like to have your write up.  I have a few of the AMB kits I haven't started.  Of particular interest is the corner grabs on the cupola.  That third leg baffles me.
Thank you for offering.
Mike Shockley
docshock31 at
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