N&W Bridges -- Guidance Sought for a Unique N&W Prototype

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Hi Bill, 

Take a look at Williamson, WV. 


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Subject: N&W Bridges -- Guidance Sought for a Unique N&W Prototype 

 My N&W HO scale layout is about 8.5’ x 4.5’. It features the rugged terrain 
that covered much of the N&W service area, including numerous tunnels having 
the effect of expanding the visual size of the layout. A prominent feature is a 
stream crossing the middle of the layout. The numerous bridges crossing this 
stream are another visual interest feature of the layout. On one side of the 
stream, a large coal mining complex located on a plateau surrounded by steep 
mountain terrain pays tribute to the N&W's historical association with the coal 
mining industry. Recently I decided to locate a steam engine servicing area on 
the “other side” of the stream (in lieu of a planned community setting). The 
steam engine serving center will include a scale 110’ turntable, three-stall 
roundhouse, and various other facilities. This area will provide a much more 
interesting active area of interest than the originally planned community with 
a siding but little else by way of active operational potential.
The change in plan presented a problem, however. The options for locating the 
large turntable and associated roundhouse were limited. Positioning of those 
facilities would also dictate the location of the rest of the facilities and 
the track within the service area. As it turned out, the most problematic issue 
involved the location of the track crossing the stream to enter this area. That 
bridge was positioned such that I could not bring a 22” radius turn into proper 
alignment with the turntable withoutlocating a turnout on the bridge itself. 
The bridge is actually quite interesting in design and execution.
My question is whether anyone is aware of a N&W prototypical bridge (of any 
kind — mine is a fairly typical girder bridge) that involved a turnout located 
on the bridge itself? If there was no similar prototypical bridge on the N&W 
system, I will nevertheless be compelled to use this bridge to access the 
turntable within the steam engine serving area, but it would be nice to know 
whether this solution has any forebear in the prototypical world is wholly a 
function of necessity and the modeler’s imagination.
Thanks for any guidance you can provide. And please do not be too offended by 
this off-the-wall innovation (heresy?). It is, after all, my layout and I can 
do what I want. But still . . . a bridge with a turnout? Really? Keeping my 
fingers crossed.
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