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Trestle Information from 1890's N&W

I apologize for getting into this conversation so late but Bill's photos of
his gorgeous trestle woke me up to The Railroad Gazette articles from the
1890's that I read and copied years ago.

I have attached copies of three articles, the earlier articles from 1893
are of particular interest as the author explains the need for diagonal
bracing between trestle bents.  The commentary about the high trestles on
the Clinch Valley Division and their design compared to other roads
practices have always fascinated me.  The 3rd article "Longitudinal Bracing
for Timber Trestles" is much more technical and this structural engineer
must admit that my own mind is spinning as I try to read it.  Nonetheless,
the importance of longitudinal and diagonal bracing cannot be over

I used to sit in the basement of Va Tech's Newman Library, parrusing the
bound volumes of The Railroad Gazette and experiencing the history as it
was being written, albeit 80 years later.  I hope you find these articles
as enlightening as I did when I first read them.

David Ray

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