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The Walthers kit I referred to was a wood and metal one from the 1970s that came in long white boxes with light blue stripes.  They were the same type of construction as JC Models, possibly just reboxed ex-JCM, which had red stripes.  I don’t know.  A typical Walthers kit looks like this:




A JC Models kit looks like this:




Both brands often on ebay but you’ll have to spend a lot of time waiting for N&W kits to pop up … not many choices were made.


I built the N&W RPO and a combine during my college years 1977-81.  Bethlehem Car Works’ produced 1, maybe 2, N&W RPO/baggage kit(s) … I bought a baggage car kit off ebay last year.  BCW kits are still “flat” but the roof is plastic (or cast urethane) and sides have been brass etchings until recently.  You can salvage Bachmann or similar cars for interiors … coaches/combines need interiors!  1 of the BCW baggage car kits is marketed for another road (green paint) but the description on their web site states N&W as an option (different decals).  As was recently posted here, BCW’s kits with brass sides are being discontinued when the brass parts run out.


Jim King

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