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The late editor of O SCALE TRAINS, Joe G (he had a long last name) modeled the Abingdon Branch in 2 Rail O scale. He had a number of articles about it. I don't have a list of them and the old website has disappeared after Whitewater bought the magazine. I recall several trackplans. He revised the first one. One was the Damascus depot building. One was a rebuild of an MTH PRR H3 2-8-0 into No.6. Joe passed away several years ago and I have no idea what happened to the layout. 
Jim Kehn  

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   - When was the branch’s passenger train annulled?  The attached image came from ebay a few years ago.  Is the date/location info accurate?  I can easily run this length train with a single black Geep or Redbird.
   - Are there modeling articles, trackplans, comments, etc. OTHER than the 2 publications I mentioned above?  I have most of the proto info (Link’s book/s, TRAINS articles, etc.).  I’m interested in modeling both Abingdon stations as building flats to make room for a couple yard tracks and would use the lowest layout level for mainline action between Bristol and points east, just like the MR article.
   - Has anyone on this list modeled the branch?
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