2020 NWHS Convention is Postponed

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Fri Apr 3 13:45:44 EDT 2020


The 2020 NWHS Convention in Cleveland is postponed to 2021.  It’s not
completely official yet, explanation below, but please assume it’s not
going to happen in 2020 and plan accordingly.  We didn’t want further
uncertainty for you all in your planning, as it may not be “official” for a
few more weeks.  And I’m sure most of you have other more pressing concerns
right now.

I’m supposed to say this was a difficult decision.  It was not.  Looking at
the potential downside and what’s going on around us it almost became a
no-brainer.  It’s very sad, and very tough to deal with, considering how
important the annual convention is and the amount of work we’ve put into it.

It’s not official yet, as we are still working out the financial details of
the cancellation with the hotel.  Right now, there’s a penalty for
cancelling or postponing the convention.  We are highly confident that this
will be resolved soon either negotiating with the hotel or by government
edict.  Meanwhile, we have tentatively rescheduled the convention,
hopefully the same program, with the hotel, Age of Steam, Warthers, and the
bus line, for the same weekend in 2021.  If you’ve registered for the
convention already, you may ask for a refund, or just tell us to hold onto
your registration for next year.  Refunds will be issued in full upon
request, but please allow some time: multiple people working from homes
have to get payment records, addresses together and someone will have to
write out a stack of checks.

This has been the summary.  If you want more of the reasoning and have the
time, the explanation continues.


The health and safety of our members, registrants, and their families has
to take priority.  We could not go forward with this convention in all good
conscience if there was any measurable risk to attendees, even if various
authorities gave us an “all clear” by June 4th.   And we, and we suspect
the vast majority of you all, don’t want to run the risk of unknowingly
picking up something and taking it back home.  And some of you have already
expressed concerns as to your safety in Ohio, or states you pass through on
the way, in early June, or possibly even later this summer.

The Stay At Home order in Ohio has already been extended to May 1.  There
is an excellent chance that it will be extended further.  Also as of next
week anyone entering Ohio from another state is being “asked” to
self-quarantine for two weeks upon arrival.  That, so far, is in force
until May 1.  As most of you know the Governor of Virginia has put in place
a Stay At Home order until June 10th; if this stands, it would be illegal
for our Virginia members, our staff, and the Commissary to leave the state.
I was informed this morning that West Virginia also has an order for those
coming to West Virginia (and possibly through West Virginia)to
self-quarantine for two weeks.

I am fairly confident that those of you who work in the medical or related
fields understand our position, and that the rate of infection and the
mortality percentages are very concerning.  As I’m writing this I just got
a notice that in the last three days the death toll in New York State has

If you have additional questions or concerns, please write to me at

vansconf at yahoo,com

rather than on this list.

Frank Bongiovanni

For the Convention Committee and the NWHS Board of Directors
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