Bowser Hopper Decals

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Fri Mar 13 18:09:48 EDT 2020

Hi folks,

I've recently received 3 more of the Bowser HL hoppers. These 3 are the
unnumbered ones with the decals. My question is how do you use the decals?
The hopper already has the bars on the side so I don't think I need to use
the decal bars.I think I'll just need to pick out appropriate sequences of
5 digits. But it also doesn't look like the appropriate size digits are
included for the ends of the hoppers. Do I just need to order some
different decals in the correct size and font?

Also, should I do any prepwork on the hopper itself? Perhaps spray a flat
clear on it? Do the typical Micro Set followed by an overcoat work well?

Tom Fulton
Asheville, NC
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