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Mr. Flick
Thank you for your addition on the update.
Eric Raitch
Gainesville, Va

On 2020-03-04 22:06, NW Modeling List wrote:
> Spring Mills does have a new manufacturer. They decided to move ahead
> with the DODX flats even though the B&O cabooses were next based on
> order of announcement because the flat cars are less complicated and
> they thought these would make a better first model for their new
> manufacturer. I believe they are still hoping to get the flats out
> this year, with the B&O cabooses to follow and then the N&W cabooses
> after that.
> The company is basically two guys, with their offices in one of their
> homes. I ordered some B&O caboose parts from them several years ago,
> and when I talked to one of the guys at a show, he literally told me
> to send him reminder emails every two weeks, and he would eventually
> open one when he was home and had time to run into the basement and
> grab the parts. So yes, communication is an issue with them, but I
> think it's more being busy and maybe a little scatter-brained as
> opposed to intentionally ignoring people. I have one of their B&O
> cabooses and a couple of the canstock boxcars, and the models will
> definitely be worth it. They actually tracked down and purchased an
> expensive can of paint ($40 I think) from the prototype company to
> match the color of green for the DODX cars, so they take their models
> very seriously.
> I am going to assume that Athearn will continue making ICC cabooses so
> they can reuse parts of the tooling and still be correct. I mentioned
> the N&W C3's to them a couple months ago, and they were aware of them
> as a possibility, so I hope we will one day see those cabooses from
> Athearn, but especially after BLI cancelled their CF project, my guess
> is Spring Mills is still going to be our best hope for nice plastic
> steam era N&W cabooses, unless Tangent surprises us someday, but I
> don't see them doing all of the class variants Spring Mills is doing,
> at least not all at once.
> Marty Flick
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> Subject: Spring Mills Depot and N&W Caboose project
> To all:
>  Has anyone received an update from Spring Mills Depot and the
>  disposition of the N&W caboose project,
>  especially in light of the manufacturing shutdowns in China due to
> the
>  virus?
>  thanks
>  v/r
>  Eric Raitch
>  Gainesville, Va
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