A Gentle Reminder To All

NW Modeling List nw-modeling-list at nwhs.org
Mon Dec 30 09:50:39 EST 2019


We’ve been pretty lenient of late, but it is necessary to remind all of our listers there are some basic rules.

The moderators do have the options of rejecting posts based on any number of criteria, including flaming or abusive content or our deeming its lack of interest of the overall list.

There are some rules, we’ve let pass a bit, but with more and more of it going on, we need to remind you that ALL posts need a full signature, not just your first name. This is common courtesy.

On images, please send no more than 3 images in a post, each no larger than 1MB per image.

If you send larger images they may be rejected, not everyone sees the post the way you send it.

If you do not know how to resize images, email the moderators at nw-mailing-list-owner at nwhs.org, and we can probably help you, but don’t expect instant results!

The Moderators

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