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There are still brick and mortar hobby shops, some of which will order
models for stock, if they are confident they will be able to sell more
than what they have advanced reservations for. However, if they
ordered extra models, and before the models are delivered they receive
more advanced reservations, they may not be able to order additional
models to just have on the shelf if the deadline has already passed
and the distributors have already sold their allocation and the
manufacturer has set their production numbers. It's not just an
internet thing, but the model train companies no longer owning their
own factories, meaning they can't adjust production on the fly. At
some point they commit to a number with the factory and that is what
gets produced. If they decided they want more, they go to the back of
the line.

	Marty Flick

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I totally agree with you. I pre ordered two or the athearn redbirds. I
so believe that every manufacture has the ability to produce a bad
model. That is what we live with today. No more brick and mortar hobby
shops where er can see the finished model. This is the internet world,
either good or bad.. 
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	I agree with Ed. I know that there are some people who do not like to
preorder, but if you do not you could lose out.

	I do not feel sorrow for those that do not preorder and miss out on a
model. You snooze you lose. Why would a manufacture

	Rerun a model because of the few that wanted one that missed out. The
other phase Red bird yes. But will we have the some ones crying
because they did not preorder – most likely!!! I have no sympathy
for those who don’t.

	Stephen Rineair

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	I concur. Maybe a run of red and blue in both phases – especially
red, since they only did the phase III(?) the last time. 

	Phil Miller

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	Yes, the redbirds sold out very quickly and have been almost
impossible to find since. Hopefully this inspires Genesis to do
another run. I can't remember which, but they did one of two phases,
so they can do another run with the other phase.

	Marty Flick


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	I was fortunate to find a dealer a couple years ago taking
reservations for the Genesis GP9s in red and blue. I ordered 1 of the
redbirds with full dcc/sound. Out of curiosity, I’ve occasionally
looked on ebay for either engine to check availability (I’m not in
the market for another nor plan to sell mine). I’ve only seen 2 or 3
auctions for the blue scheme but none for the red. Are these as
“rare” as lack of auctions indicates?

	Jim King

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