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I've got both of the reds and both of the blues.......I pre-ordered them
(which anymore is the only guaranteed way to assure you will get the model
based on the limited runs manufacturers are producing).   I buy and sell
continually on eBay.  When the the N&W passenger GP9's first came out there
were both red and blue ones showing up on eBay.  Rather quickly the red
ones were all purchased while the blue ones stayed around a bit longer but
eventually they to were all purchased.  Since then I've not seen a red one
listed.....only occasionally blue ones...some DC only and some Sound-DCC.

** In today's model railroad world the only sure way to get a model that
will be manufactured in the future is to constantly monitor manufacturers
web sites (or better yet get on their email lists) and place a pre-order
through N&WHS (if N&WHS has such arrangements with that manufacturer) and
if not find a good dealer and pre-order through them.  I maintain a
spreadsheet tracking all my pre-orders to assure I don't miss anything.

Ed Painter - Member #70 - from Narrows, VA living in Cohutta, GA

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> I was fortunate to find a dealer a couple years ago taking reservations
> for the Genesis GP9s in red and blue.  I ordered 1 of the redbirds with
> full dcc/sound.  Out of curiosity, I’ve occasionally looked on ebay for
> either engine to check availability (I’m not in the market for another nor
> plan to sell mine).  I’ve only seen 2 or 3 auctions for the blue scheme but
> none for the red.  Are these as “rare” as lack of auctions indicates?
> Jim King
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