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I picked up a new Baltimore and Ohio 4-6-2 from Bachmann that includes sound. It looked like it was close for a lot of PA details, including the high headlight and bell on the boiler. I’m hoping to rework the front of the cab so it slopes, then cut down and kitbash the tender. There are a few other details I hope to fix. If I ever get the time to work on it, I’ll share photos.

I also picked up a New York Central of the same engine to maybe convert to a N&W passenger engine. It has the headlight in the center and the bell on the front of the smoke box.  I can use one of the Bachmann N&W auxiliary tenders to kitbash back to a tender for it. It won’t work for the existing #578, but there were others that it can mimic. We’ll see how it goes. 


Phil Miller


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After Division Point cancelled its teaser of a PA project, I started out to build one based on the mechanism of a PFM United SRR Ps-4. I bought a beat up model at a train show, making my investment doable, and I had all the drawings I needed from the NWHS Archives.


Alas, I gave up after realizing (1) at my pace, I would never finish and I had other projects that were more modest, (2) some of the VGN-specific details are just not available, and (3) the boiler was testing (besting) my skills.


Other than using a compromise mechanism, the rest of such a model, including the tender, must be fabricated from scratch. In short, a daunting project.


So an MB is my passenger power. 





Bill McClure




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