Virginian Passenger Trains/USRA locomotives

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Thank you, Frank.  I know what to try to do, and will look for the 
articles on the BA.  What a great group of folks are in this group.

On 10/29/2019 11:51 AM, NW Modeling List wrote:
> Walter Davis (?)asked some Virginian questions, and it seems that 
> those got lost in the middle of a thread on another subject.  I'll 
> take an attempt at some answers.
> Virginian Passenger Cars: as far as I know there are no dead accurate 
> Virginian passenger car models. At  some of the conventions we have 
> had some great clinics on bashing available passenger car models into 
> some very accurate models.  The Atlas/Branchline cars that are 
> available in Virginian, in 3 correct numbers by the way, look quite 
> acceptable (IMHO)from 1-2 feet away.  One of the Crazies has written 
> up a memo, not ready for publication yet, as to just what's "wrong" 
> with them, and is working on a clinic how to majorly improve the 
> details.  I'm hoping to have that clinic available at the convention 
> in June.  One of the importers was talking about doing a set of three 
> Virginian passenger cars in brass, but since he couldn't get 30 or so 
> reservations at $900 for the set...….
> USRA 2-8-2's.  I'm 98% confident that none of the multiple VGN Mikes 
> are true USRA Mikes or clones thereof.  Given the going rate for those 
> exquisite Overland Mikes, if anyone has successfully bashed a VGN 
> 2-8-2, any class, from an available model, please let us know.
> VGN 2-8-4's.  There have been articles about bashing a VGN BA from an 
> NKP or C&O 2-8-4.  Since these are all Van Sweringen berks, the 
> fundamentals are there.  Plastic NKP and C&O berks have been done by 
> Rivarossi, Bachman, and Proto.  Of course NKP and C&O berks have been 
> done in brass, but that's probably another discussion.  Changes in 
> some of the fittings, and doing something about the tender, need to be 
> considered depending on how far you want to go. One of my prized 
> possessions is a VGN BA that was given to me, that was bashed from a 
> Hobbyline plastic kit (non powered but just gorgeous).
> Now with all that said, I would recommend not trying to bash a BA from 
> anything else.  The really excellent Proto BA's are out there, and are 
> still available at train shows, and the prices are in the same ball 
> park as you'd probably have to pay for something else to use as a base.
> Brass BA's are also available; IMHO the Key is better than the PSC.  IMHO.
> Now the real experts can take their shots.
> Frank Bongiovanni
> running back to the workbench
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