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Forgive me if this is a repeat of something covered in the past.


At least in HO-scale, and maybe others, it seems like the vast majority of
Y-class locomotives produced are Y6b's. The exceptions to that are mostly
very old brass, if you can even find them. One company produced some Y3's in
the 1980's, but you don't see those for sale. The only newer Y6a was one
produced a few years ago that's priced out of most folks' league. While the
Y6b's represent the zenith of the design of those engines, and they're
excellent engines and models, none of the real ones exist today. We do have
one example each of Y3a (Union, Illinois) and Y6a (Roanoke/St. Louis)
engines. Since I presume the drive mechanism for such models would be nearly
the same, why don't we see any of those engines produced in HO-scale?
N-scale of the A-class and Y-class would be nice too.


For modeling, I tend to focus more on what exists today or existed at the
time I've been taking photos and modeling trains in recent decades. Except
for pieces of a Y6b in the Roanoke area, none exist today. It would be nice
if the manufacturers who are cranking out endless great examples of Y6b
locomotives would also produce Y6a and Y3a engines. While some might also
like to see other variations of Y-class engines, we do have real touchable
examples of Y6a and Y3a in museums. I bet those museums might even consider
selling them in their shops too. 


Any takers? Just my 2 cents. 



Phil Miller

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