Caboose walkway color?

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A few months ago, I asked about roof color and was told about the brown that
appeared in the 50s.  Since I model 1957-62, all of my cabs will be brown
and the couple CF's I have will get a "sheet metal" covering.  I don't
remember responses discussing roofwalk and corner platform colors but, based
on photos, I think they'd also be red.  Is this correct?  The Bower's
caboose book mentions the brown roof, red body and black hardware but not
the roofwalk, or else I just missed this when reviewing various chapters.


Jim King



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Thanks, Jim, for the advice.  Bright red it will be.  I happened to have an
old Floquil paint chart, if I can find it.  I will use it as my guide.


Jack Fletcher



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My father called it "fire engine red." In other words, "bright red." The old
Floquil "signal red" was pretty close. Don't know what is currently
available, since Floquil is gone, but you definitely want a bright red.


Jim Nichols


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I sent this to the wrong side of the N&W list so I am reposting in on the
modeling side.  I am ready to paint the N&W Class CF Caboose kit I purchased
from the Commissary.  Can someone tell me what shade of red should I use?


Thanks for your help.


Jack Fletcher


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