E2a Motor / Gearbox Recommendations

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Thanks Jim. I’ll pull it apart in the short term and see how big the space is. NWSL has a really nice chart of motor dimensions - something I’d forgotten until poking around the site a couple days after sending my query.

Matt Goodman
Columbus Ohio, US

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From what I remember, NWSL only has 1 motor that fits (flat-can Sagami) and
you'll have to cut off 1 of the shafts with a Dremel to fit the cab.  You'll
need a Universal drive (ball/socket) set and a gearbox.  NWSL once listed
conversion kits for many engines, including the E-2a because this was once
imported by the previous owner.  Check their web site for conversion

Jim King

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Hi list. I have an NWSL E2a (1940 version) in my cabinet that I will
eventually re-gear and re-motor.  Given that NWSL may go/is going out of
business, I figured I better secure what I need now.  

Advice on specific Motor / gearbox combinations that have worked for others
in this model would be appreciated!


Matt Goodman
Columbus, Ohio US

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