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AMEN Reverend Nichols...................I was going to suggest the exact
same approach. A seller would provide an item description and asking
price.  Prospective buyers can contact and communicate/negotiate as needed
with the seller.  If agreement is reached it would be followed by a
transaction and shipment.  Payment method and shipping method/cost would be
agreed to during the communication/negotiation phase.  Making this work
isn't rocket science and certainly doesn't need to be complex and confusing.

Ed Painter; member #70 from Narrows, VA living in Cohutta, GA

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> With all due respects to Eric B., I am reminded of the "KISS" rule: "Keep
> Ir Simple Stupid!" I thought we were looking for a way to help members of
> the society (or listers) to buy and sell items to each other. To my mind,
> these would be basically personal transactions. The purpose of the list
> would be to tell everybody that something was available (or to tell
> everybody what one is looking for.) First, the notice; second the reply;
> third, the transaction. If you have your own idea of what is "weathered" or
> whatever, you work it out in the third step. The first step (the notice)
> does not need to be complicated. You can ask all the questions you want in
> the second step. Hopefully, the answers you get in the third step will be
> satisfactory, and you can make a deal. If not, the item can return to the
> list. It's as simple as that. At least, that is how I would want to do it.
> Jim Nichols
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