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 Read page 34 of the Bowers and Brewer N&W Caboose book. (If you don't already have it, you need to buy a copy). The CF's originally had a wood roof covered with a canvas like material, saturated with an asphalt like material. Eventually the canvas material was replaced with metal sheets which were applied over the wood roof and sealed with a waterproofing material. (Dednox or Mortex according to an instruction Charlie S. found)For your era, the metal roof was universal, so don't simulate tar paper.
Jim Nichols

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Looking closely at some of my pix, it appears CF’s had galvanized (then painted over) metal panels on the roof.  I was always under the impression they were covered in tarpaper but am now thinking otherwise.  Attached are some of the pix that are causing me to rethink this as I gather info to paint my models.  518354 in red shows what appears to have galvanized surfaces peeking out from chipped paint.  518008 clearly shows the roof covering seams.


Tarpaper, tin or both?


Jim King

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