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Wed Apr 24 13:06:00 EDT 2019

Once again the subject of N&W 4-8-0 models has appeared.  A few thoughts.

As of a few minutes ago there were at least three of the Sunset models on, one painted, at prices that look somewhat reasonable to
me.[ignoring what I paid for my LMB model 30 years ago] If the 4-8-0's were
run again in hybrid I doubt they'd be less now.  I've had good luck with
all of my Sunset models in terms of running.  How much to upgrade the
detail is discussable.

On paper I like the idea of a 3D printed boiler on an appropriate
mechanism, but I would think that getting that done for $200 might be
optimistic.  One of our guys had a C&O "battleship" gon 3D printed, body
alone, no trucks, and the cost was $150.  And I'm told that Shapeways has
raised their prices since he had it done.

FWIW, I've dug into this in the past for some clinics: the more common term
for the 4-8-0 is Twelve Wheeler, but (and I've had arguments about this)I
have seen the term Mastodon applied to 4-8-0's and (the one)4-10-0[yes;
there was AFAIK one 4-10-0 in this country, on the SP, and I've seen
references to it as a Mastodon and El Gobernador("proper name" as a type).

And for my fellow Crazies: there are two VGN C-1's also for sale today.

Frank Bongiovanni
Running back to his workbench in the bunker
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