Remember when operating your model trains was the most fun? Fw: A New Issue Devoted to Lionel Toy Trains

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On 4/22/2019 4:19 PM, NW Modeling List wrote:
> Lionel trains from 1950 - 1959. Those were the fun days to operate a 
> layout. I’ve been reading on the N&WHS Modeling List discussions back 
> and forth regarding exact color matches and prototypically this or 
> that. Come on guys and gals. Remember when you would cut the lights 
> off in the room and lay your head eye level with the loco’s headlight 
> and pretend you were the engineer? Nothing can be more realistic than 
> those childhood memories. One NWHS Modeling List Member finally wrote 
> the other day that he has modified his N&W models so many times hoping 
> to make them correct that if another version came out that was more 
> accurate to please not tell him! I’m sure to some extent most of us 
> agree with him!
> Enjoy operating your trains!

So true, Norris.    I remember my HO layout in the early 1970s that ran 
60-car coal trains behind my brass United Y6b using Athearn hoppers that 
all had the same number!!!    And all my N&W boxcars were Athearn 
repaints... slippery grab irons, fat sill steps, and totally wrong car 
did not bother me then.  I had a blast.

Now, the intent to achieve the highest level of accuracy often 
diminishes the fun... for some of us.   Others get their thrills from 
the pursuit of the right number of rivets.

Nice thing about the hobby is that there a multiple ways to have fun.  
Bottom line... keep on having fun!!

Take care

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