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It’s not surprising that the Coe’s “pin up” photos were in NY harbor. She was built by the now – defunct Jakobson Shipyard located in Oyster Bay, NY, on the north shore of Long Island. Jakobson seems to have specialized in tug boats and the Coe was Jakobson’s hull number 372. Some more information on Jakobson here: 



Rob Doorack


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Wow- That is an AWESOM set of photos.  Now all we need are color swatches, and I’ll do decal sets.  Are the colors in photo 30/31 accurate, or was the Coe done in the blue and yellow used on the RR diesels (as seems to be the case in photo 31/31)?  And it looks, from several photos that the Coe did its “sea” trials in NY Harbor.  I’m ecstatic!


-Eric Bott

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