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Thanks for pic.  This is the older version; I need a modernized one with smooth roof.  The one you show has a cousin running at Spencer Museum as their ADA car.  It was rescued from South Carolina and completely rebuilt for service about 8-10 years ago.


Jim King



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Cousin Jim, 


Division Point did them in brass a few years ago.  Check out the attached pic.


Bill King

Arlington, Virginia

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I want to model the end of J service hauling the Arrow and have noticed the original 5-car consist has the lead car replaced with combine.  Baggage cars and (I think) an RPO were added later and that’s the consist I want to model.  I have these cars and the 5-car MTH set but the combine is mystery to me.


Attached are 2 pix of the car I’m asking about.  What is it?  Has is been made in HO?  If not, any suggestions as to kitbashing one?


Jim King



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