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 It is a modernized BPd, and Bob Chapman did an article in the Arrow several years ago about kitbashing one. Go to the listing of past Arrows on the website and click on each issue until you find the one with Chapman's article in the contents. It probably won't appear in the summary where all the issues are listed, but if you click on each one, eventually you will find it. BTW: don't use Athearn parts. The windows are all wrong. I think Chapman started with a Rivarossi heavyweight coach. I have done PG's that way.
Jim Nichols
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I want to model the end of J service hauling the Arrow and have noticed the original 5-car consist has the lead car replaced with combine.  Baggage cars and (I think) an RPO were added later and that’s the consist I want to model.  I have these cars and the 5-car MTH set but the combine is mystery to me.


Attached are 2 pix of the car I’m asking about.  What is it?  Has is been made in HO?  If not, any suggestions as to kitbashing one?


Jim King

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