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Speaking of DP, 3 of their RS-3s floating have been floating on ebay for about 3 months.  The seller is the same for all 3 and I only casually monitor the auctions because I’m not interested at $900+ each.  I bought 2 DP cabs (CG and CH) from a member of this list and am very happy with them.  If there are errors, please don’t tell me!  I also have 2 PFM C-3, a Trains C-3, a Westside CF, a built QC CF and an AMB CF to build.  


While I know that DP’s construction quality is good, I question why errors in painting and decaling have appeared over the years.  I work with an HO RTR importer (if something is made in China, it’s imported, not “manufactured” here, so I consider all RTR except Kadee to be imported) who frequently has to set his supplier back on “track” because, even after all these years of working together, they still “don’t get it” on many projects.  Chinese companies are notorious for changing manpower frequently and any experience gained can quickly be lost.  I wonder if some of DP’s problems can be attributed to that?  A former S scale importer (now retired) told me that his go-to Hong Kong supplier had the equivalent of the “lead person” on an assembly line quit with zero notice in a morning to take a job for 10 cents an hour more … he started working for the new employer after lunch on the same day!  To make matters worse, he was still working in the same building, just a few curtained-off sections down the main aisle.


Jim King

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I agree with Jim about the prices. When DP brought out their N&W cars I tried to buy them unpainted as being a painter I prefer my own stuff and can't live with the common mistakes importers throw out there. He was sort of rude about it. After they came out and I saw the prices I was floored. I'm a confirmed brass buyer but there's a limit. When the cost of a car is greater than my house payment I just have to draw the line. Then I saw all the mistakes and for that price (or any price) they were inexcusable blunders. All the information needed is readily available and free to produce something accurate.


And now, here comes UTI with an $800+ price tag. Someone said they are for the collector and not the operator or casual fan and he hit it right on the head.


There's always the discussion on recouping the costs of building/importing something and I do understand but companies need to understand they can also price products way out of the normal modelers reach as here.


I remember many, many years ago when Roanoke Rails came out with the S-1. I bought 2 at $135 each and took gas when I wrote the check! They were well worth it though and are gorgeous. 


Thankfully MTH came out with their PA set and individual cars and we always have the Sunset PA sets now at a more reasonable price than years ago. For the adventurous there are always the AMB and NKP car sides. I guess it's time to assemble my Branchline Pg car kits!


Roger Huber

Deer Creek Locomotive Works


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