Union Terminal Imports Pulman 10-6 Sleeping Car Project

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I apologize for my comments. They wee in reference to the N&W cars imported by Division Point. I haven't personally seen anything done by UTI so retract the reference to their products.
The DP cars, on the other hand had some mistakes when it comes to painting and striping. I mentioned it to them but they didn't receive it well. "Don't buy them then!" isn't what I expected from someone importing cars with such a high price tag when the information is readily available and FREE.
Again, I didn't mean anything negative about UTI. I have only heard good comments on their products and wish them well. I also wish I could afford the new generation of passenger cars. Wouldn't it be wonderful to have some Pg coaches at a reasonable price?
Roger HuberDeer Creek Locomotive Works 

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Have you contacted ED at UTI that there was a problem is the Stripping or have you contacted the Modeling committee to see if they are on top of the problems with the cars so that they are corrected?

Stephen Rineair




Hopefully they will also do them correctly striped, etc as compared to their previous N&W cars. Any chance of getting McDowell County in IC colors too?


Roger Huber

Deer Creek Locomotive Works

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