Virginian Interest Group meeting in Roanoke

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Mon Apr 15 10:22:13 EDT 2019

Just as a reminder, the Virginian Interest Group will be meeting at the
2019 convention, on Friday evening, right after the Modeling Committee
meeting, and in the same space.  To suggest something that has worked out
well at Twin Falls for Virginian Crazies, there will be a number of us
there with enough files and pictures and such (not copyrighted), and clinic
handouts, that it's time consuming and costly to have everything printed
out.  I'd recommend that if you're going to want some of this stuff, bring
thumb drives or external hard drives to the meeting, and we can exchange
our docs and files if desired.

If anyone wants to discuss or present at the meeting, please plan on it.
We're scheduled as the last event of the day for several reasons.

We're also working on having the restored Virginian station open as many
hours as possible.  This will be an opportunity to see and appreciate what
the local guys have been busting buns on for years.

Frank Bongiovanni
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