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As a follow up to recent threads re: PRR GP9 7200-29 leased to N&W late 57
to mid-1958, I found this on line:







It indicates that the 30 assigned to N&W were the last 30 in this series.  I
can't find a 7200-series Athearn GP9 on ebay now but did find 7184 and was
thinking about renumbering it to a 7200-something.  If someone has a
7200-series Athearn Genesis GP9 with DCC/sound to sell, please let me know.
I think 7203 and 7211 were imported by them.


I also am looking at the Athearn Geeps lettered CR (Phase 2 and 3) with the
idea that just a little effort is required to remove the lettering and road
number, modify the MU stands and letter N&W with the end shields
("targets").  Radio antenna and horns also need replacing.  Is this a
logical approach?  I know the skirting above the tanks may be a little
different but I'm mainly after the basic appearance without having to strip
the body and repaint.


The Phase 2's would have steam-style lettering and no end shields in my
modeling era of 1957-59.  The Phase 3 will represent newly-delivered engine
in 1959 with the end shields.  Once completed, I'll have a 3-unit Geep
consist with the PRR engine in the middle.


Jim King



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