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The CVP system works well with all sound systems, I have Soundtrax and Loksound and they work great. If you will be using battery system you will need one T5000 throttle. The G2 base will support the T 5000 but most operators prefer the T1300 operators throttles. I use 8 grade one throttles and 8 grade 2 throttles with the proper base units.

I have used the older TSU steam decoders with great success. I have upgraded to Econami 100 now 200 with some cool results, the wheel slip function when switching is just over the top. The reviews of the new TSU version for steam are coming in with great results. I have not installed one as of yet.

The Lok sound in the PCM Y6b is nicely done, but I have done a couple them with Ecomani to get the wheel slip function.

If you have any questions you can contact me off line if you wish for more info.

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I will soon purchase a CVP T5000 wireless/battery throttle to avoid layout wiring, etc and want to select the best sound decoders.  I’m leaning toward the Stanton S-Cab small batteries and re-wired TSU decoders that allow thru-the-track battery charging (the T5000 and S-Cab throttles use the same chip so are compatible and the T5000 has access to many more CVs without losing the track-charging option).

ESU/Loksound is gradually making advancements in sound decoders but Tsunami still seems to have the most versatility, especially when it comes to matching N&W whistles.  I’m looking for suggestions from those of you who embrace sound-equipped engines.  What do you use and why?

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