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Wed Jan 30 11:27:05 EST 2019

I will soon purchase a CVP T5000 wireless/battery throttle to avoid layout
wiring, etc and want to select the best sound decoders.  I'm leaning toward
the Stanton S-Cab small batteries and re-wired TSU decoders that allow
thru-the-track battery charging (the T5000 and S-Cab throttles use the same
chip so are compatible and the T5000 has access to many more CVs without
losing the track-charging option).


ESU/Loksound is gradually making advancements in sound decoders but Tsunami
still seems to have the most versatility, especially when it comes to
matching N&W whistles.  I'm looking for suggestions from those of you who
embrace sound-equipped engines.  What do you use and why?


Jim King <> 


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