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Fri Dec 14 21:42:58 EST 2018

Greetings to all,


  The commissary catalog has been updated once again. Yes, the timing of
such seems cumbersome this close to Christmas but new products such as the
HO scale N&W GSC flatcar were made available to the society this past
Monday.  Regardless, Ken Miller, Ron Davis and Roger Link have put a great
deal of effort in updating the commissary web page and the catalog over the
past few days so as to be as current. You can view the catalog here:



  On another note, reservations for the Bowser 55 ton fishbelly hoppers have
been extremely well in this first week since the initial announcement.  Over
half of the 3 pack un-numbered cars and half of the numbered cars have been
reserved. Don't hesitate to reserve yours as these hoppers are proving to be
popular. You can contact me directly to make your reservation at
arnett at nwhs.org


  To conclude, we have updated the Donate to the Society page
(http://www.nwhs.org/Donate.php).  As you are likely aware, the society is
in the infancy of the capital campaign drive and any generosity would be
greatly appreciated.  




Todd Arnett

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