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As an FYI, Atlas' December 2018 Announcements include two cars of interest for N&W Modelers. First, they have announced the ACF 4650 - 3 Bay Covered hopper for N&W as Class HC-47's. The original N&W number series was 171000-171274. The artwork shows the cars to be in the as-delivered scheme from 1966 with a large Hamburger logo on the left end of the car and billboard "NORFOLK AND WESTERN" lettering across the right 3/4 of the car side. Cars will be offered in three road numbers, are shown to be due during 2Q 2019, and have a MSRP of $46.95 ea.

The second car is a much more modern offering for NS fans, which is the Trinity 3230 Pressure Differential car. This car was designed in the late 1990's. Atlas is offering Roanoke Cement as a road name in this release. The RCCX cars were built in Sept '03 and Jan '04 and are numbered RCCX 121 - RCCX 181. The cars are a plain gray color with the Roanoke Cement Logo on the right end, underscored by the slogan "A Titan America Business".  These cars are loaded in Lone Star, VA, just north of Roanoke off of the Shenandoah Line and can be seen across the eastern half of the US. There are 6 numbers available and carry a MSRP of $59.95 ea. This is a Master Line (premium level) car with photo etched walkways, separately applied wire grab irons and cut bars, metal wheel sets and air hoses. These cars are scheduled to arrive in 3Q 2019.

Depending on your local or online dealer, you mileage may vary on pricing.

Russ Goodwin
Oakwood, GA
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