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Usually this would require removing the boiler from the frame assembly.
There are probably two screws attaching the cab to the frame, as well as a
screw attaching the pilot truck. Once the boiler is separated from the
frame you would need to locate the wires for the headlight.  These wires
may be partially hidden by the weight which would require removing the
weight (another screw) to access them. The headlight is probably
glued/attached to the back of the smokebox although it may actually be in
the headlight casting; in either case you would need to remove the bulb and
its wires; you would then have to install a replacement bulb, which would
require soldering and then reassemble everything.

Hope this helps.

Jim Brewer
Glenwood MD

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> Does anyone know how difficult it would be to replace the bulb or repair a
> nonworking headlight on a Sunset M? Thanks.
> Carl Miller
> Kingsville, MD
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