Steam Switcher of the 1950s

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You're absolutely right! Unfortunately, I have several of the brass versions so probably would never attempt the mods necessary to do a P2K into a true S-1 or S-1a. Roger HuberDeer Creek Locomotive Works

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It would a really great article to see the conversion and what details it takes for the conversion.

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Rick c Stone
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The S-1 model by PFM-Tenshodo shows up frequently on feebay and brass sites. Price varies quite a bit and can run from $185-395. The very correct S-1a by PFM many years later also shows up frequently at the same places. The S-1a tends to be very expensive ($495-895) but is a great model and runs well. The older S-1 is a typical Japanese import of the era and is bullet proof and smooth running.
The Life Like P2K USRA 0-8-0 is a really fine locomotive. They are regulars on feebay in new condition from about $139-240. While it's a great model it needs many details changed or added to make it an S-1 or S-1a. That all depends on how particular you are. Unless you're a true rivet counter this is a good way to go.
Good hunting!?Roger HuberDeer Creek Locomotive Works

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