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Possibly so—but Solidscape printers selling new for $40K, and used for $10K - $15K, have magnificent print resolution (far better than what Shapeways quotes), although limited build volume.  If you can stand utterly crappy customer service, the $4K Formlabs 2 SLA printer has resolution on a par with what Shapeways quotes.

So, yes, one can support Shapeways’ amortization of machines that are way bigger and faster than what modelers require, but with no higher resolution.  They certainly strive to be convenient.  But I think it would be better if we could find a printing service whose business model was geared to serving modelers, rather than serving engineering design firms who are looking for design validation before committing $Millions to a production run.

-Eric Bott

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Someone asked why shapeways is so expensive. I understand they use $100,000 3D printers instead of the 200-500 dollar variety.
That explains their quality too.

Mike Shockley
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