Bowser 55 Ton Fishbelly Hopper

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  The society is not taking orders at this time nor will this be a pre-order item like the locomotives. We will most likely order the quantities previously stated and announce their availability when they arrive in the summer of 2019.  Thanks.
Todd Arnett

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Subject: Re: Bowser 55 Ton Fishbelly Hopper  Will,    They will be fully lettered less road numbers.  Matt,    I would have to check at the archives to see if we have the proper decals. Also, others may be able to chime in regarding proper sets by particular manufacturers.   Thanks.  Todd Arnett     Sent via the Samsung Galaxy S7, an AT&T 4G LTE smartphone  -------- Original message --------From: NW Modeling List via NW-Modeling-List <nw-modeling-list at> Date: 11/7/18 3:16 PM (GMT-05:00) To: NW Modeling List <nw-modeling-list at> Cc: NW Modeling List <nw-modeling-list at> Subject: Re: Bowser 55 Ton Fishbelly Hopper   Todd,   Thanks for the legwork on this!  Question on the unnumbered cars that I think I know the answer to, but want to make sure.  Will they fully lettered and only without numbers or completely blank?   If lettered and without numbers, I would be interested in 10-12 of them.   Thanks, Will Sadler       Sent from my Verizon, Samsung Galaxy smartphone  -------- Original message --------From: NW Modeling List <nw-modeling-list at> Date: 11/7/18 2:38 PM (GMT-05:00) To: NW Modeling List <nw-modeling-list at>, NW Mailing List <nw-mailing-list at> Subject: Bowser 55 Ton Fishbelly Hopper   All,    I have spoken with Lee English at Bowser and he is willing to work with our society to sell these cars via the commissary. Here are a few details:     
   - These cars are essentially the hoppers once made by Stewart.
   - These cars are Ready-to Run complete with metal wheels and knuckle couplers.
   - Available in three road numbers
   - Expected commissary selling price would be in the $25.00 range.
    I have been asked by several people if un-numbered versions of this car would be available.  The answer is yes and would only be available to the NWHS.  However, a minimum order of 50 units is required. My preliminary thought is to order 50 un-numbered units and 15 units of each road number (3) for a total of 95 units.  However, I would prefer not to have a surplus that remains in the inventory for a long time and hope our folks buy them up.    As noted in the flyer, the society has until December 7th (Pearl Harbor Day) to submit our order.  Further thoughts?      The link to the Bowser flyer is below.  Thanks to all!  Todd ArnettPresident, NWHS________________________________________
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