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Wed Nov 7 16:43:21 EST 2018

Good evening to all,


  During the past week I have read all of the correspondence pertaining to
selling personal items on our mailing lists. There were many pros and cons
along with alternative suggestions such as creating a separate list, monthly
listings in the electronic TAF, etc..


  One possibility that I put forth was a separate list for sales that would
be maintained and moderated by two volunteers.  Dr. J. Brent Greer responded
in the affirmative and I do appreciate his willingness. I would still like a
second person before moving forward with this as a possible option.


  I'm sure all of you have seen the numerous responses regarding this topic
and, as you likely deduced, there would have a to be a fair set of rules
implemented along with "fine print" as protection for the society.  This
being said,  this matter will be discussed and resolved at the next Board of
Directors meeting in early February. 


  I do appreciate everyone's input and I am really appreciative of the
civility.  Enjoy your evening.




Todd Arnett

President, NWHS  

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