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Duly noted from all.  I will give Lee English a call and see if we can work out details for purchase and un-numbered units.  Will advise.  Thanks.
Todd Arnett

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Subject: Re: New Announcement from Bowser  Three road numbers are currently offered. The society can inquire with Bowser regarding special road numbers if we see the proper amount of interest to move forward.  Thanks!  Todd Arnett  From: NW Modeling List <nw-modeling-list at>
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Subject: RE: New Announcement from Bowser  Todd  How many road numbers will be offered, or will the Society have a parrallel custom run to get additional road numbers anove and beyond what Bowser is offering?  Regards Russ Goodwin Oakwood, GA       Happy Connecting. Sent from my Sprint Samsung Galaxy S® 5

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Subject: New Announcement from Bowser Good evening to all,   Bowser has recently announced the two bay 55 ton “fishbelly” hoppers (class HL) in HO scale.  These items are due in mid 2019 and I would like to gauge interest of the followers of this list and our members.  If enough interested is stated we will investigate selling these hoppers through the commissary.    Please click the link for more information. Regards, Todd ArnettPresident, NWHS________________________________________
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