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Are model railroad item pre-orders through the Society from Bowser, Rapido,
and others limited to only N&W models?  What if a person wanted to
pre-order models through the Society for say the Southern Railway?  What
about merger partners like NKP or Wabash?  or Dereco partners D&H and EL?

Ed Painter #70, from Narrows, VA living in Cohutta, GA

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> Per Tony's Train Exchange website/mailing:
> Update on Bowser
> Locomotive Delivery Schedule
> We spoke with Gerry Seleck at Bowser today concerning the expected
> delivery of locomotives. He assured us Bowser definitely plans to produce
> everything they've previously announced. They are still in the process of
> finding manufacturing facilities for several of their projects. That being
> said, it will probably be the middle of 2019 or later before customers
> can really expect to see their locos start coming in. They ask for your
> patience and understanding.
> Bowser, as well as the other manufacturers that were affected by the
> unexpected China factory closure this summer, need your pre-orders to help
> them stay in business. We thank you as well for being patient. So, keep
> those Bowser orders coming! If you order it, they will make it!
> Again, we appreciate your business. If you have any questions
> please contact us at your convenience.
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