Update on the Springmill Depot preorder of N&W Caboose

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The problem impacts more importers than have been revealed so far and all of them will be without product flow (cash coming in) for six months and probably more than a year in addition having to incur additional expenses to transfer production of their models to another factory.

It isn’t just a matter of moving tooling over to a new shop.  Some of the tooling (including mold bases for the inserts) may have to be built or rebuilt.  Common parts (wheels, fasteners, gears and etc.) will have to be re-engineered and resourced.

Some companies may not be able to survive this development so it is going to be more of a bad thing for the Hobby than a temporary interruption in things for hobbyists to spend money on.

Charlie Vlk


That is not accurate. The closing of the plant for Affatech does not cover every model manufacturer in our hobby. ScaleTrains, Athearn and Rapido are not effected by this closure, and neither is Bachmann. Most of Atlas's locomotives and all of their freight cars are effected by this, but their track is not. 


In addition to Bowser, Intermountain, Fox Valley Models, Walthers, Tangent and Exactrail are also supposedly effected, with none of them other than Bowser making any full and formal statements at this point. Yes it is disappointing that the plant has closed, but "KK" has decided to retire and his kids don't want the business. 


A couple of years back Athearn went through a similar situation and was down for 6 or 8 months, but was able to get back up and running, so while it is disappointing, the hobby as we know it, isn't going under.


If anything it gives some folks a chance to let their wallets recollect their breath.



Russ Goodwin 

Oakwood, GA 



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