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Tue Jul 31 11:29:38 EDT 2018

Howdy all

When it comes to China and their issues, there is another thing besides 
trade wars going on over there that causes delays.

Most of our brass castings come out of Korea;  however, our Korean 
caster has set up a relative in China to do brass castings also. Good 
quality and good turnaround times from them.

But, I just found out that the Chinese government has demanded the 
casting shop be immediately closed and moved out of town due to 
pollution issues.  So the fun starts for them with finding a new 
location, getting the building ready, and moving all the equipment. And 
who knows what other governmental challenges they will have to overcome.

Nothing has appeared in the news about the Chinese government trying to 
fix their pollution problem, but I know it is being done.

Take care

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