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  In light of the recent news of a factory closure in China, I can report
that this does not affect the delivery dates for Rapido and Scale Trains
products.  As Nigel mentioned in a previous mailing, this closure will
affect the delivery dates of Bowser products.  In due time I will call Lee
English at Bowser to get an update and to let him know that he has our
support and well wishes for a quick recovery. 


  As a side note, this topic has really stirred the pot if you read any
model railroad forums or follow the manufacturers on Facebook.  Many folks
are expressing that the reason for this closure is due to the tariff war
which has brought up political posts on forums and Facebook.  Also, many
folks are clamoring about bringing production back to the United States.
This has also produced fiery commentary on the forums and Facebook.  I hope
that these topics will not spill over onto this message board as it will
only create division.  Therefore, let's root for the affected manufacturers
to make a speedy comeback as we all know that competition is good for the
market and the modeler.




Todd Arnett

President, NWHS

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