Broadway Limited J decoder CVs

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On some of the J's and A's you can cycle through the sound levels by quickly hitting the f-8 key. There are some CV's in 51 ish range I am not close to my manuals to advise I will be able to let you know latter next week. Yes QSI/paragon sound can be fixed with Soundtrax equipment.

to all if any of you visit or in the Chicagoland area stop by and see my version of the N&W Pokey and I can assist in many DCC areas.

Mike Ritschdorff

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I would suggest you replace the factory decoder with a Tsunami2 21  pin decoder; much easier to program.

Jim Brewer

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I have a HO Broadway Limited class J engine from 2005 ish.  I am trying to adjust the sound volume (it’s too loud) and adjust the speed (too slow compared to my A).  Does anyone know which CVs I need to change?  Is there a factory list of the CV settings available?  Since it is an older engine Broadway reps couldn’t help much.
Jon Dameron
Churchville VA

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