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Yes Roger we do.However it is very hard to ask a manufacturer to comment a large amount of money to a project than normally runs between  $150,000 and more realistically $180,000. With alot of manufacturers they aren't as big as they seem. Quite a few of them, if they have one bad run they could have to close down. I want a Molly as bad as anyone. If we had people willing to put up the money. Say 150 members put up a $1,000 dollars of their own money and take the risk we may be able to get some made. With that said then you get into if any profit was made from the sell would that money go back to the society, so we could do it again on another model. As we stated in the MAT we have just started to get the manufacturers to start looking at the NWHS. But it takes time and ALL of us modelers to pull together . I ask all of you to please read my from the head end piece in the next ARROW and think about what is said in that article. Again please contact me at taylor at or call me 540-613-0683If you would like to respond to this. So we don't overwhelm the person who moderates the listThanks  Dean Taylor Vice President Norfolk and Western historical society 

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We NEED a class M 4-8-0! Preferably with the 12,000/20t tender.
Roger HuberDeer Creek Locomotive Works

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      How about some O Scale please?

      Tom Lewis

        I'm with Tom!


        Jimmy Lisle

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