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Tue Jul 3 09:23:20 EDT 2018

I am very excited to hear about all the hard work going on behind the
scenes at the Society ... on changes to the Arrow, increase in emphasis of
the Arrow on the archive holdings, an update on the focus of the society as
whole, and the re-emphasis of activates surrounding the large contingent of
members who are modelers which includes getting new N&W/VGN prototypical
products to the market.

That brings to mind a project that was announced last year about this time.
Is there any news about the laser cut kit of the VGN C1 Caboose? I believe
the last I heard it was still in development; but, that some further
news/announcement was to be communicated at the convention in Spencer. I am
by profession in manufacturing myself and understand these things can take
time especially when many involved have “real” jobs and these efforts are
volunteer based. However, is there any update? I am more than happy to wait
and be patient ... I’m curious with all the talk about upcoming product

Lastly, I will say I truly appreciate the efforts of all involved bringing
their new energies to the effort of sustaining, growing, and improving the
society. You add much to the enjoyment of my hobby. Thank you!

Kevin Byrd

Chesterfield, VA
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