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Greg let me be the first to say that it is a definite maybe wink wink. But,we have no datesDean 

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Dare we hope that there is a Virginian station kit in the planning stages pipeline somewhere? I have a Blair Line kit and an old Suydam kit in my stack that I plan to kitbash into reasonable facsimiles (aka "close-but-no-cigar") of Virginian stations.

Greg Harrod




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Obviously I've missed something HUGE, (and readily concede that the fault is most likely all mine), but this is absolutely the first time I've heard anything about "projects for us such as the HO scale N&W one story

section foreman’s house".

I would definitely wanted at least a couple of these,  but never heard or saw anything about them, and they appear nowhere in any part of the commissary that I can find.

Can someone at least fill me in on the details of what I missed out on?



Dr. J. Brent Greer

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Norfolk and Western Historical Society Model Advisory Team 

Hello everyone 

    I would like to talk about some things that are happening in the Society as a whole and the modeling side. Everyone has

heard about the latest release from Rapido Trains. This is a wonderful thing for N&W modelers and the society as I will explain

later in this email. 

     Let me start by saying that the officers and directors of the society have a big job ahead of us. In a sense, we are trying to play

catch up in one regard and invoking a new business/marketing plan in another.  It is the latter that I will be speaking of at this


     I have been the team leader of the Model Advisory Team (formerly the Modeling Committee) for almost a year now. We have

made contact with several major manufacturers and I have signed Non-Disclosure agreements. Hence, I am the primary point of

contact for the NWHS pertaining to these agreements. It is important that manufacturers of modeling products have a place

that they can obtain correct information, drawings, plans and anything else that they may need to complete their projects. I

have heard from a few companies that stated that they don’t deal with historical societies in part because most societies do not

have an archive set up to do business with. There are at best three or four as well organized and cataloged as our very own. The

successful state of our archives is due to excellent work by the volunteers that dedicate their time each month.

     In less than a year we have been able to have smaller manufacturers do projects for us such as the HO scale N&W one story

section foreman’s house and an HO scale Mahone depot kit. Alex Schust was kind enough to let Southern Heritage Models have

some drawings of coal camp houses that we should have before the end of the year. We have some very nice NS/NW GS-50

woodchip cars. These are resin kits by Crosstie Models which is owned by fellow member Josh Clark. I have asked Josh to do

some N&W/VGN hoppers. These are more than likely a couple of years away, at best, because this young man is currently in

medical school.  

    The Commissary is going to have some pre-sale items coming very soon. Ordering them from the society will illustrate to the

manufacturers that the NWHS has a customer base. The next time they consider something it could be an N&W model. That is

what helped with the RS-11 project. We have an item on order with Rapido (which we will announce when it is released for

sale) that opened the door to inquire with us about the N&W ALCO RS-11. Pre-selling the RS-11 will highlight the

number of N&W modelers within our society in addition to the modelers outside of our society. This will hopefully lead to

another run with different paint schemes. Ordering the items from the Society supports the Society and its continuing operation

and allows us to order more from the manufacturer and shows them that our members support N&W/VGN products.

     The MAT (Model Advisory Team) has been working to get products in your hands. We all look forward to see what can happen

in the years to come. If you have any questions or comments please feel free to call me (540) 613-0683 or text me at this

number.  Please call me between 5pm and 7pm or email me at 
taylor at 

Thank you  

Dean Taylor, Vice President, NWHS 


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