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You’ve not missed out, all this has come into being in the last few weeks, and the manufacturer had 7 kits at Spencer, but they sold quickly. They came about after the last commissary went to print, and we had no pricing info or SKU to put it on the website.

They will be in the next TAF that will come with the next magazine, probably out in August. It will be posted in the Commissary just as soon as we get the stuff ready, which may be a day or so. These will be a stock item, they are not a limited edition, and there will be an N scale version of it. The same manufacturer is doing several other N&W buildings, but as I fumblingly tried to explain on Saturday’s posting, we do not announce a model in development stages, as the business is competitive and we do not want someone who is making a project and invested time and money into it to be upended by someone coming in with a quick knock-off that may destroy the market and waste their effort. It is the same way with anything, we do not announce a project until it is virtually ready to send to production.

This manufacturer is very interested in doing N&W and VGN models, and I have been reviewing materials to get him a selection of things I think everyone will like, but they are not there yet…

Ken Miller

> On Jul 2, 2018, at 8:36 AM, NW Modeling List <nw-modeling-list at> wrote:
> Obviously I've missed something HUGE, (and readily concede that the fault is most likely all mine), but this is absolutely the first time I've heard anything about "projects for us such as the HO scale N&W one story 
> section foreman’s house".
> I would definitely wanted at least a couple of these,  but never heard or saw anything about them, and they appear nowhere in any part of the commissary that I can find.
> Can someone at least fill me in on the details of what I missed out on?
> Brent 
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