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Well of that's the case, it can't be scheduled after the 3rd week in July, as some schools here in Georgia start back the last week in July, and most every school from North Carolina to Texas are back to school by the end of the first full week in August.

Russ Goodwin
Oakwood, GA

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Why are you scheduling the convention during school time which makes families unable to attend?  Shouldn’t it be scheduled during Summer break and after graduation times?  If we want younger members, shouldn’t we consider scheduling so that they can attend also?


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Save the date!

  The 2019 convention in Roanoke, VA will be May 2nd – May 4th.  Planning is underway and details will be forthcoming.  Thanks to all that attended the 2018 convention and I hope that you will join us in Roanoke.


Todd Arnett
President, NWHS
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