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To pile on to Jim’s suggestion, mine would be to use automotive paint.  GM has perennially had a bright (fire engine-y) red in their lineup, usually for Impalas and Cameros among other models.  These paints are formulated to withstand UV, car washes, and every other insult to paint imaginable.  They can be bought in many stores carrying automotive paint, and are neither particularly expensive nor particularly hard to apply.  Like Scalecoat, many automotive paint brands improve with baking (read directions!), if your model fits in an oven.


-Eric Bott

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I would suggest that you forget about model paints, and look for something that real stuff is painted with. I painted my mail box flag with Floquil red and it faded out completely in a couple of months. UV rays are not forgiving.  My father used to refer to the caboose red as "fire engine red." I doubt any paint companies use that term, but it was a bright red.

Jim Nichols

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I know this opens a HUGE can of worms, but need some help.

A friend is building some CF class cabooses in 1:32 scale (3/8 in/ft) to go with the Fine Art Models Class A locomotives and various models of the J, both electric and live steam.

I can provide him with Floquil SIGNAL RED, and we have looked at ScaleCoat SANTA FE CABOOSE RED.

I am looking for suggestions of Scalecoat colors that are more appropriate.   Please consider that these will be operating OUTSIDE in sunlight, not inside under incandescent, fluorescent, or LED  lighting.

Thanks in advance.
Jim Stapleton
Purcellville VA

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