2018 Convention - Tour Clarification

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Wed Jan 10 17:48:12 EST 2018

To all,


  Thanks to James Wall for his inquiry. His questions has inspired
clarification from Dean Taylor which in turn illustrated key items that I
omitted when taking notes. Here goes:

.       We will visit the former SR Rwy depot in Rural Hall, not museum as
the latter does not exist. As I understand it, this depot is currently under
renovation and all attendees will be required to wear a hardhat and have
proper footwear and eyewear.  No open toed shoes.

.       Most important, Dr. Jeff Miller, an NWHS member and member of the
WSSB Model Railroaders will also be speaking to us regarding operations
along with the YVR crew.  Dr. Miller has played a very large role in the
planning of this tour and yours truly simply omitted him due to brainfade.
Let my beatings begin.

.       The lunch will be held at the picnic area of the WSSB Model Railroad
Club, not the SR Rwy. station in Rural Hall.


  Sorry for any confusion folks. Please inquire with any further questions
at arnett at nwhs.org and taylor at nwhs.org. Thank you for your patience.




Todd Arnett

Director, NWHS

2018 Convention Chairman

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